Hello everyone,

First of all, I would like to give you my greatest support to all those who have been suffered from the COVID19 crisis. 

More than a crisis, we are currently experiencing our deepest resilience human skills.

And this is in the extreme difficulties that we can notice the greatest human changes.

I am Magali Boisseau Becerril, founder of BedyCasa, often called “the original Airbnb”, created 1 year before.

After more than 10 years of true ups and downs, a community of more than 400 000 members that naturally grew thanks to the word of mouth and more than 60 000 accommodations spread over 185 countries, I had to reluctantly left BedyCasa to another entrepreneur for personal and financial reasons. Unfortunately, after 2 years, this person decided to shut down the company.  

I then need to point out here that all the last developments of the site and especially the last graphic charter and the new pricing positioning have been made totally out of my control.

However, as I’m very close to my community and as I’m then receiving lots of messages from you and as I’m the original author of the site, I  then decided to get back the domain name left behind… 

Today, I am involved in a new venture : I have launched the marketplace, where you can book thematic stays and local activities that promote locale culture, wellness and environment. This is, in someway, the natural follow-up of Bedycasa as I have also built it with a part of you. I had promised to myself that I would never go back to the BedyCasa’s venture because that company had exhausted me physically and mentally speaking. But I feel “torn up’ by all your messages asking me to relaunch with an alternative positioning to Airbnb…But unfortunately, Bedycasa is closed.

Thanks for all your messages and take care !



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